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Cymru.Domains Blog

Mar 2015

Your personal email address

One of the most popular questions we get is "How do I get a .cymru or .wales as an email address?" Our research has shown that most of you want to do this but don't know how, we can help. Using our email forwarding service we allow you to redirect your existing email to your existing address; this is a free service.

As the internet continues to penetrate our everyday lives and redefine how we communicate, a proper email may just be the edge you need. For more information visit our FAQ section.

Email us if you are having difficulties at, we'll be happy to help you, your family and friends to make full use of your new domain.

Brand Building in Wales on the World Wide Web

Small businesses are the back bone of our economy. A number of the small companies we are currently working with are looking for an "identity" and a way of telling their local and foreign customer base "I’m Welsh".

Great businesses like Halen Mon, Penderyn Whisky, Ty Nant all stand for quality and of product with roots deeply positioned in Wales - everyone knows these global brands are based in Wales. Laura Ashley is still a world player and was first proud to be based in Carno, Mid Wales.

Donald Davies (1924 - 2000) born in Treorchy in the Rhondda Valley would be smiling to see Top Level Domain Names for Wales. The internet can be traced to him and some say he invented it. Inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame by the Internet Society, he was a computer pioneer -who invented computers talking to each known as "packet switching". He would be smiling because now the World will recognise that Wales or Cymru is a place and exists - to the right of the dot - for the first time on a computer as part of website or email address. Make your business at home on a .wales or .cymru address and be a part of history.

Mar 2015

.Cymru goes global on 1 March 2015

On St David's Day 2015 - Wales will be on the World Wide Web for the first time. But who is behind selling these domains?

CentralNic Group PLC, one of the World's foremost Domain Name wholesalers and retailers, have partnered with Cymru.Domains, a new entity recently created here in Wales to support the .Wales and .Cymru new internet domains. We recently had the inside view and discussed matters with CentraLNic who have had recent success in providing a number of the world's leading new internet domains.

Glenn Hayward, Chief Financial Officer of CentraLNic Group PLC, said "I have enjoyed working towards obtaining a new Top Level domain Name (TLD) for Wales for several years both in my former role at Nominet and now at CentralNic, having gained approvals from the Welsh and UK Governments as well as ICANN, the global regulator of the internet.

We now have two domain names for Wales, which is very unusual for a geographic territory, enabling us all to celebrate the Welsh language and culture in the online environment. We at CentralNic, through our retail subsidiary TLD Registrar Solutions, are delighted to power what we believe is the only bilingual retail site in Cymru.Domains. We are also delighted to be working with partners who are passionate about Wales and its culture, heritage and digital future.”

Dan Tyte Chair of CIPR UK Social Media Group and Director of Working Word said "The domains industry globally gives great opportunity to all of us with over 1600 domains being created. It's appropriate that on St. David's Day Wales will historically have its own top level domain name. Not only one but two - this is unique.”

It is understood from our market research that Cymru.Domains is offering competitive retail prices to ensure that the domains become widespread and well established, with a single year registration priced at only £9.99 for either a .cymru or a .wales domain. Furthermore, we understand consumers can purchase both a .cymru and a .wales domain together, with both domains offered by Cymru.Domains for a single year registration price of just £14.99.

CentralNic is also supporting a number of others domains including .xyz, the world's leading new Top Level Domain, with over 800,000 registrations to date.

Mr Hayward added "It is a great day for Wales and we hope Welsh people based in Wales and indeed all over the World express their identity via the .cymru and .wales domain names. Wales is a proud Nation and I am sure domain names and particularly e-mail addresses ending with .Wales and .Cymru will become very popular."